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Homeowners insurance

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Severe weather, crime and accidents are part of life, and eventually every home will experience some sort of loss or damage.  Since we can't predict the future it is in your best interest to make sure you protect yourself financially.  There are a lot of different ways to keep you and your house safe if anything might happen. At Associated Insurance Counselors we can help you create a custom package that fits your needs and makes sure you are protected.  

Home  Insurance Coverages

  • Section I Coverage – Property
    • Coverage A – Dwelling: covers damage to house
    • Coverage B – Other Structures: covers damage to other structures, such as shed or detached garage
    • Coverage C – Personal Property: covers damage to contents of your house
    • Coverage D – Loss of Use: covers additional living expenses should you not be able to live in your home
  • Section II Coverage – Liability
    • Coverage E – Personal Liability: covers damages should you be found legally liable in a loss, follows you wherever you go. 
    • Coverage F – Medical Payments to Others: covers medical expenses should someone other than insured get injured on your property

Other Coverages Available

  • Replacement Cost: coverage that ensures you will get the actual cost to replace an item at
  • Water Backup and Sump Overflow Coverage: coverage for water which backs up through sewers or drains or which overflows from a sump and which is not caused by the negligence of any insured or concurrently with a flood.
  • Business Property: coverage forms provide a basic limit for business property on the residence premises.
  • Home Computer Coverage: coverage against risks of direct physical loss, unless specifically excluded, for a home computer or a lap top computer that is used for personal and incidental business use.
  • Scheduled Personal Property: protects high-value items to their full value should a claim happen, i.e. jewelry or collectible items

There are more additional coverages available then what is listed above.  Please contact Associated Insurance Counselors to make sure your policy isn't missing the protection you need.